NHTSA updates future safety goals

November 18, 2010

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Thursday released its Final Vehicle Safety Rulemaking and Research Priority Plan 2010-2013 that outlines plans to combat motor vehicle safety challenges.

According to a notice (.pdf file) published in the Nov. 18 Federal Register, the plan includes 56 projects, 23 priority projects and 33 "other significant projects." The projects involve rollover crashes, child safety, motorcoaches and fuel economy.

A final rule is scheduled to be published by the end of January on performance standards to reduce ejections of vehicle occupants during a rollover crash. Another rule expected to be published in 2011 would require power windows on motor vehicles to automatically reverse direction when an obstruction is detected to prevent children and others from being trapped, injured or killed.

NHTSA also is in the process of developing a longer-term motor vehicle safety strategic plan for 2014-2020.