OSHA alters jurisdiction of two State Plans

October 12, 2011

Washington – Federal OSHA reclaimed jurisdiction for safety and health inspections regarding certain aspects of Hawaii’s and Michigan’s State Plans.

In late 2010, Hawaii requested to be relinquished from inspecting private-sector employers within the borders of military bases in the state. The state cited a variety of reasons, including eliminating dual or overlapping jurisdictions and enhancing the ability to negotiate with controlling federal agencies on hazard abatement.

OSHA granted the request (.pdf file) and amended the regulation governing the State Plan on Oct. 12. Hawaii will remain responsible for covering state and local government employers at military facilities.

On the same day, OSHA amended (.pdf file) Michigan’s program to exempt the state from covering establishments on American Indian reservations owned or operated by employers who are enrolled members of American Indian tribes. MIOSHA retains jurisdiction over non-member employers within reservation borders.