OSHA resubmits reinforced concrete rule

November 16, 2011

Washington – Two proposed rulemakings that would regulate construction activities will be combined in an effort to streamline the comment process for both rules, OSHA recently announced.

An advance notice of proposed rulemaking for the Reinforced Concrete in Construction Standard had been under review by the Office of Management and Budget since July 8, but OSHA withdrew the rule on Oct. 31 and resubmitted it to OMB on Nov. 2.

The resubmission combined a request for information on both the reinforced concrete standard and a Preventing Backover Injuries and Fatalities Standard. “This was done so the agency could … make the public comment process more efficient,” an OSHA spokesperson said when asked about the withdrawal and resubmission.

OSHA will use the request for information to seek input on both rules from professionals in the field and other members of the public to determine whether a new rule is necessary, as well as which hazards should be addressed.

OMB reviews typically take about 60 days, but can last longer.