OSHA's Fairfax receives promotion

April 15, 2010

Richard Fairfax, OSHA's director of enforcement programs, has been named the agency's new deputy assistant secretary.

A 32-year OSHA veteran, Fairfax will serve as an assistant OSHA administrator under agency head David Michaels. Fairfax, who began the new position April 5, shares the same title as Jordan Barab.

There are two assistants under the OSHA administrator: a political appointee whose term typically does not exceed that of the administration that bestowed the appointment, and a career senior executive. Barab is the former; Fairfax the latter.

Taking over as acting director of enforcement programs will be Thomas Galassi, who also will continue as director of technical support and emergency management. Fairfax also served as acting director of construction; that position will be taken over by Bill Parsons.