OSHA seeks to update acetylene standard

October 26, 2011

Washington – A final rule that would update OSHA’s Acetylene Standard (1910.102) to incorporate changes found in a newly revised consensus standard is undergoing review by the Office of Management and Budget.

The final rule includes recent changes found in the Compressed Gas Association’s consensus standards, which were originally published in June 2009.

The revision is part of OSHA’s multiyear project to update standards that were originally based on consensus standards that are now out of date. OSHA previously updated the Acetylene Standard in August 2009 based on consensus standards from the National Fire Protection Association and CGA, but decided to issue a new direct final rule to incorporate the latest CGA changes. OMB received the rule Oct. 19.

In other regulatory news, OMB on Oct. 19 completed its review of OSHA’s proposed changes to how it handles whistleblower complaints under the Corporate and Criminal Fraud Accountability Act. The rule will now move forward.