Reports detail terrorism-prevention measures for surface transportation

April 22, 2010

Two reports released April 14 by the Mineta Transportation Institute detail preliminary data on terrorist attacks and serious crimes committed against surface transportation targets worldwide.

According to a press release from the institute, which was established by Congress in 1991 and is located at San Jose State University in California, report authors used preliminary data from MTI's proprietary database of attacks on public surface transportation. The first report (.pdf) outlines the threat of attacks on trains, buses and highway targets. The second report (large .pdf file) covers attacks on buses and at bus stations and bus stops.

Both reports offer best-practices recommendations for effective passenger screening policies, technology, procedures, staff training and other security efforts. Findings from the second report showed that from the early 1970s to December 2009, approximately 1,384 attacks have occurred on all public surface transportation, mostly on buses and train stations.

On Feb. 17 the institute released a report (.pdf file) on motor carrier hazardous materials transportation theft and its possible use by terrorists.