Solis asks mayors to join construction safety partnership

May 13, 2010

Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on May 4 wrote (.pdf file) to mayors in 11 metropolitan areas seeking their participation in an OSHA pilot program to reduce construction site injuries and deaths.

As part of the partnership, OSHA would train local building inspectors on hazards associated with the four leading causes of death at construction sites -- falls, electrocution, being crushed or caught between objects, and being struck by moving machinery or objects. Building inspectors who observe unsafe work conditions during the course of their work will notify OSHA, which, in turn, will send a federal compliance officer to that worksite for an inspection.

The proposed plan would allow OSHA to have more "eyes and ears" at construction sites, according to agency administrator David Michaels. Solis originally announced the proposed partnership at last month's National Action Summit for Latino Worker Health and Safety in Houston.