Study examines risk of fatigue for student workers

November 7, 2012

Montreal – Students who juggle a job and school may be at risk for fatigue, according to a study from scientific research organization IRSST.

Researchers interviewed 94 students 19 to 21 years old who also had jobs. The students kept a diary and wore a device to monitor activity levels and sleep patterns. For some, the combination of work and school resulted in fatigue – 2 out 5 women and 1 out of 5 men reported a level of fatigue that required medical attention, the study stated.

Researchers found a correlation between the severity of work-related fatigue and factors including organizational work constraints, psychological pressures, social support at work and having worked since age 15.

Although students did not consider their workload high, 1 in 5 said their job was difficult, tiring, demanding or stressful, and about half had sleep problems, according to the study.

Additionally, researchers found people who suffered a workplace incident in adolescence were at higher risk of experiencing another incident later.