Survey finds one-quarter of new managers feel unprepared to lead

March 30, 2011

Chicago – A new survey of nearly 4,000 managers shows more than one-quarter felt unprepared to lead when they began managing other workers, and many received no management training.

Results from the CareerBuilder.com survey, released March 28, found that of the 26 percent of respondents who said they felt unprepared, 58 percent received no management training.

When asked to name the biggest challenges managers face, respondents identified dealing with issues between co-workers and motivating the team.

Although 59 percent of respondents believed their direct supervisor was doing a good job, 20 percent rated their supervisor as “poor” or “very poor.” Complaints included playing favorites and failing to follow through on promises, listen to concerns or provide feedback.

Other high-ranking complaints included lack of communication, major changes made with little warning, and unreasonable demands related to workload and productivity.