Tool offers cadmium compliance assistance

December 12, 2012

Washington – A new online tool from OSHA aims to help employers comply with the agency’s Cadmium Standard (1910.1027).

According to the agency, the Cadmium Biological Monitoring Advisor takes biological monitoring results from the user and, along with responses to a series of questions, helps employers determine which biological monitoring or medical surveillance requirements must be met under the standard. It is intended to be used by medical professionals who assess workers’ cadmium exposure.

Each year, about 300,000 workers are exposed to cadmium, which is a soft, silver-white metal used in many industries, an OSHA press release states. The metal can cause weakness, fever, headaches, chills and muscular pain from short-term exposure. Chronic cadmium poisoning can cause kidney damage and lung or prostate cancer, OSHA said.