Traffic safety campaign sees fewer speeding citations

January 11, 2012

Washington – An annual traffic safety campaign reported fewer warnings and citations for speeding in 2011 compared with the 2010 campaign – although speeding remained the most frequent violation, according to data released from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

Data from the 2011 Operation Safe Driver campaign, conducted in partnership with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, was collected by more than 3,800 law enforcement officers at nearly 1,850 checkpoints throughout the United States and Canada between Oct. 15 and Oct. 22.

A total of 44,000 commercial and passenger vehicles were pulled over. According to the data, 40.5 percent of warnings and 40.6 percent of citations issued to passenger car drivers were for speeding, while speeding accounted for 16.8 percent of warnings and 12.8 percent of citations issued to commercial motor vehicle drivers. Failing to obey a traffic light was the second most frequent reason for a warning or citation; failing to wear a safety belt ranked third.

In a press release, CVSA credited additional targeted enforcement campaigns and education efforts for the reduced levels of speeding violations.