Video offers ergo tips for truck drivers

June 5, 2013

Vancouver, British Columbia – The Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia has released a new video highlighting the importance of ergonomic health for truck drivers.

Truck drivers sit for extended periods of time, which can put stress on a person’s lower back and increase the risk of injury. To help reduce the risk of back injury, the video suggests truck drivers:

  • Recline the seat back to 90 degrees while still being able to safely reach the wheel and controls.
  • Ensure the lower spine has adequate support, using a support device if necessary.
  • Adjust mirrors to ensure they can be seen without slouching or twisting.
  • Take a break to walk around at least every two hours of continuous sitting.
  • Use the steps and keep both hands on the handrails when exiting the vehicle. Jumping out of the cab causes the body to absorb up to 8 times a person’s body weight in force.