Articles by Melissa J. Ruminski

Editor's Note: ‘We’re all in this together’

In Itasca, IL, where the National Safety Council’s headquarters are located, safety cones and barrels have been a regular sight, as one of the area’s main roads has been under construction for more than a year. During that time, I’ve had many opportunities to observe the hazards that road construction crews are exposed to, not the least of which are drivers ignoring the “slow” signs displayed by flaggers – and frequently talking on cell phones.
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Editor's Note: Clearing up the ‘gray areas’

Of the things I may be known for, gracefulness is not one of them. As a child I learned to clean and dress my own cuts and scrapes simply because they happened so frequently I didn’t want to bother my mother with them. A couple of my fingers are so crooked from being broken/sprained/jammed during my more athletic days that to look at them you’d think I was a wide receiver in the NFL.
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Editor's Note: Highlighting 100 years

2012 was an interesting year to be a part of the National Safety Council. As NSC prepared for its 100th anniversary – uncovering old documents and objects to create a retrospective of the role the council has played in the safety movement – staffers and volunteers were provided with multiple opportunities to gain a new appreciation for the organization to which they dedicate so much time and effort.
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