Articles by Melissa J. Ruminski

Editor's Note: Whose fine?

Back in 2010, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia announced a penalty system that would allow the government to issue fines to workers and front-line supervisors for safety violations. The move seemed so controversial that I assigned a member of the Safety+Health editorial team to track the story as it progressed.
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Editor's Note: Missing: You

One of my favorite sections of the magazine is the “What’s Your Opinion?” poll, which is featured on the “Etc.” page that concludes every issue of Safety+Health. If you look at this month’s Etc. page, however, you’ll see that something is missing – your voice.
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Editor's Note: ‘We’re all in this together’

In Itasca, IL, where the National Safety Council’s headquarters are located, safety cones and barrels have been a regular sight, as one of the area’s main roads has been under construction for more than a year. During that time, I’ve had many opportunities to observe the hazards that road construction crews are exposed to, not the least of which are drivers ignoring the “slow” signs displayed by flaggers – and frequently talking on cell phones.
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