Tom Musick

Tom Musick

Former associate editor



2016 Training Survey

How much does your organization spend on worker safety training?
How much should an organization spend on training? How should that training be presented? Safety professionals across a variety of industries participated in Safety+Health’s inaugural Training Survey to provide answers.
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Robert W. Campbell Award

Honeywell Aerospace keeps focus on safety
Honeywell Aerospace is the most recent recipient of the Robert W. Campbell Award, presented annually by the Campbell Institute at the National Safety Council. Learn what sets Honeywell Aerospace apart as a safety leader.
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Stress and worker safety

What can safety pros do to address the issue?
Is job stress an occupational safety and health issue? Some experts say “yes,” and that safety pros can play an important role in helping workers cope.
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Long run: An interview with OSHA’s David Michaels

As he prepares to leave OSHA, the agency administrator reflects on his seven-year tenure
In a one-on-one conversation with Safety+Health, David Michaels reflects on his tenure as OSHA’s longest-serving administrator, discusses the achievements he’s proudest of and offers advice for his successor.
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2016 Job Outlook

As safety pros change jobs, new challenges arise
Across industries, workers are changing jobs more frequently than their parents and grandparents did. Safety+Health’s 2016 Job Outlook survey asked: How does job turnover among safety pros affect worker safety?
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