Kyle W. Morrison

Former senior associate editor



Reducing beryllium exposure

OSHA proposes to significantly strengthen its rule on exposure to the versatile but potentially deadly metal
OSHA’s proposed rule on beryllium has been released. It aims to dramatically reduce the current permissible exposure limit – a move supported by both labor and industry – and save hundreds of lives a year.
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Latino workers

La seguridad de los trabajadores latinos

Why are workplace injuries and deaths increasing among Latino employees?
Hispanic and Latino workers were the only demographic to see its fatality figures increase from 2012 to 2013. Experts explore why Latinos are at a higher risk of workplace injuries and death, and provide potential solutions to reverse the growing trend.
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VPP: Here to stay?

New legislation would make OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs a permanent part of the agency
A House bill would make OSHA’s Voluntary Protections Program a permanent fixture within the agency. Should it be? Stakeholders debate the merits of codifying the program in the face of recent criticisms.
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