Jennifer Yario

Managing Editor


Trends in ... instruments/lone worker devices

S+H talks to experts in the field
“Connectivity is reshaping our world, personally and professionally,” Shane McEwen, global product marketing manager at Blackline Safety, told Safety+Health. “Where safety has traditionally lagged behind other industries in embracing connectivity, the landscape has shifted in recent years to widely integrate connectivity into safety operations.”
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Trends in ... disinfectants and cleaners

Know the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting
You’re at work wiping down commonly used surfaces. Three minutes after you’re done, a co-worker comes in and touches the surface briefly. “It’s probably still clean,” you think. “I don’t need to wipe it again.”
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Trends in ... lighting and flashlights

When it comes to products being misused in the workplace, many people may not think of lighting-related items, but it’s happening and employers need to pay attention. Misuse “is probably the biggest issue employers and workers face” when it comes to workplace lighting and flashlights, says Dawn Dalldorf-Jackson, director of sales, industrial division, at Streamlight Inc.
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Trends in ... safety signs and labels

‘Communicate critical hygiene and safety protocol’
Signs and labels are one of the quickest ways to convey safety messages to workers and visitors. Safety+Health spoke with Colwin Chan, group product manager for Avery Industrial, to find out what’s new in the area of safety signs, what customers are looking for when it comes to labels and what’s on the horizon.
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Trends in ... tool tethers

When dropped from height, even small objects such as hand tools can cause serious injuries to workers below. So how can these injuries be prevented? Experts from several leading safety product manufacturers told Safety+Health that tethering systems should be part of employers’ work-at-height programs.
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