temp worker

Protecting temp workers

Safety remains a challenge for this often-vulnerable segment of the workforce
Safety remains a challenge for this often-vulnerable segment of the workforce, which may account for at least 15 percent of the nation’s on-the-job deaths.
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Big data

Technology, ‘big data’ and worker safety

Experts discuss where technology could take safety, the potential challenges of ‘Industry 4.0’ and how safety pros might fit into the picture
Advances in technology are expected to turn a stream of data into “a giant flash flood.” That future is arriving sooner than you think, but what might it mean for the world of occupational safety? Five experts weigh in.
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OIG featurette

OIG reports highlight obstacles for OSHA, MSHA

Underreporting, hazard abatement initiatives among challenges
OSHA needs better methods to prevent and detect underreporting of worker fatalities and certain injuries, while the Mine Safety and Health Administration "lacks a consistent approach to logging, assessing and responding to complaints of hazardous mine conditions," the Department of Labor Office of Inspector General concludes in its recently released semiannual report to Congress.
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Incentive programs, post-incident drug testing not prohibited under electronic recordkeeping rule, OSHA says

In a memo sent Oct. 11 to regional administrators and state designees, the agency outlines examples of acceptable drug testing, and states that incentive programs that withhold prizes because of an injury are compliant “as long as the employer has implemented precautions to ensure that employees feel free to report an injury or illness.”
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