Tracy Haas Depa

Assistant editor, handling vendor- and product-related news.


Trends in ... respiratory protection

Look for ‘reliability, quality and performance’
Compliance with OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard (1910.134) could prevent hundreds of deaths and thousands of illnesses every year, according to the agency. Below, experts highlight new technologies being used in the respiratory protection industry and offer tips.
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Trends in ... eye protection

Better all the time
It can be easy to operate in the mindset that “bad things won’t happen to me on the job.” But when it comes to protecting your eyesight, stop for a moment and consider: Every day, 2,000 workplace eye injuries requiring medical attention occur, according to NIOSH.
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Trends in ... safety tools and knives

Achieving the 'highest level of safety possible'
Whether cutting through shrink wrap, slicing boxes open or entrusting a lanyard to keep tools safely secured when at height, workers rely on various safety tools and knives every day.
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Trends in ... fall protection

A streamlined approach

Talk to people within the fall protection industry, and you will encounter a common mantra: fall-related worker deaths are preventable. And yet, according to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls to a lower level resulted in 574 work-related fatalities in 2013. If these deaths were preventable, where is the disconnect?

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Trends in ... emergency eyewashes/showers

Consistency and comfort
Do your employees have quick access to properly working emergency eyewashes and showers? To ensure equipment is available when needed, employers should make accessibility a top priority, according to Shannon Harper, ESEW product manager for Houston-based Encon Safety Products.
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Trends in ... hand protection

‘Safety doesn’t require a productivity tradeoff’
Because hand injuries are so prevalent among U.S. workers – 118,170 private-sector injuries in 2011, according to the 2014 edition of the National Safety Council’s “Injury Facts” – glove manufacturers are working to develop products aimed at reducing those numbers.
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