Bill Sims Jr.

Bill Sims Jr.

Bill Sims Jr. is president of The Bill Sims Co. Inc. He is a world-renowned keynote speaker. His book, “Green Beans & Ice Cream: The Remarkable Power of Positive Reinforcement,” has garnered rave reviews. Sims has built more than 1,000 positive reinforcement systems at firms, including DuPont, Siemens VDO, Coca-Cola and Disney. Visit for more information.


Speaker Spotlight

Speaker Spotlight: Beyond zero injuries

“Until leaders understand that there is a level of safety beyond zero, they will be stuck on the dreaded ‘hockey stick plateau’ in their safety performance,” says speaker Bill Sims Jr., who adds that many “fail to see the underlying ‘management system at risk’ behaviors that kill more people than worker behavior ever will.”
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