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Contact: Nikkie Chambers
Title: Graphic Designer
Phone: 1-800-331-2973


US Netting
1514 Veshecco Dr.
Erie PA 16501
United States
At US Netting, Inc. we focus on three things: Quality, Safety, and Solutions. Since 1983 we've been dedicated to building the best custom nets and continue our tradition of quality today. Our products help our clients offer increased safety and utility to their employees, facilities, and customers. Each custom net is tailored to the requirements of the job, providing the exact solution the project requires, something stock size products from big box stores cannot supply. Our team possesses a staunch devotion to fabricating the best nets available. We serve all types of customers, including private companies, consumers, television shows, production studios, and government agencies (US Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, NASA). From Men in Black to NASA, our satisfied customer list is constantly growing. We are considered by many as the premier supplier and fabricator of custom nets. Additionally, our selection of stock and bulk net materials is unmatched in variety and quality. Shop our vast selection of products online day or night, or call us to have one of our engineers help produce the custom solution right for the job. Whether you are looking for a cargo net to lift 15 pounds or 100+ tons, a kevlar reinforced net to protect personnel from possible shrapnel, or just a golf practice net for the backyard, we deliver the highest quality products. Our 25,000 square foot facility is located in Erie, Pennsylvania.
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