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Contact: Jesse Allred
Phone: (866) 777-1360


Creative Safety Supply
8030 SW Nimbus Ave
Beaverton OR 97008
United States
The way your workplace looks matters. You want a space that uses clear visuals so it’s easy to navigate. But achieving that while also trying to create a facility that is compliant with safety standards, runs smoothly, and gets results, that can be a challenge. Businesses are busy. We’re here to help. As the Leaders in Visual Safety™, we strive to help companies create the visual systems they need to keep their employees safe and their spaces compliant, all while keeping Lean manufacturing principles in mind. From our SafetyTac® floor marking tape and LabelTac® industrial label printers to safety and 5S products, we can help you select the tools you need to put your workplace on the path to safety and efficiency.
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