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Contact: Mark G. Premo
Phone: 303-319-3505


Predictive Safety
12015 E Briarwood Ave Ste 120
Centennial CO 80111
United States
Predictive Safety’s PRISM™ and AlertMeter™ solutions provide organizations of all types and sizes with reliable tools and analytics to address operational and organizational risk stemming from fatigue and impairment. Founded initially with the mission to eliminate worker deaths in mining, Predictive Safety’s proven technology is built on leading edge data analytics, business intelligence and impairment science to deliver the only solution capable of reliably predicting impairment related workplace risks, and advancing proven countermeasures when a risk is identified. Historically, worker safety management within organizations has been an exercise of policy and procedures, with companies primarily focused on complying with mandated, compliance-driven activities. But that’s changing. Today’s savvy business leaders are increasingly aware of the role that fatigue and impairment plays in the spectrum of risk in the workplace, and that the potential impact of worker safety and wellness on enterprise valuation is significant. It’s clear – fatigue and impairment caused issues can cause major disruptions to the fundamental assumptions of an organization’s strategies and their ability to succeed in today’s competitive markets. Beyond pure safety and operational benefits, forward thinking business leaders also recognize that employee health, wellness and safety programs are integral components of core recruiting strategies designed to give companies a competitive edge in building and maintaining their workforces. With this, Predictive Safety is ideally positioned to help you address and capitalize on the risks and opportunities related to fatigue and impairment in the workplace.
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