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National Safety Council | Making the Case for Contractor Management Examining the Safety Benefits of 3rd Party Management


1/18/18 12:00 pm to 1/18/18 1:00 pm CST

Event Description

The issue of managing contractor EHS performance is an ongoing concern among organizations in all industries. Many contractors perform non-routine work at sites that are not directly supervised by an EHS manager, or any manager at all.

The National Safety Council recently published a report on the efficacy of outsourced contractor management systems. NSC aimed to investigate if suppliers, contractors and vendors realize improved safety performance as a result of their participation in third-party contractor management systems.

Join NSC and the Campbell Institute member, BROWZ, for a presentation of this report and its findings. This webinar will also include a presentation of the five crucial steps in the contractor lifecycle as compiled from a Campbell Institute study of more than 14 industry-leading organizations.

Key Topics

  • Does the pre-qualification process enable contractors to become better and safer overall?
  • How does third-party pre-qualification companies add rigor to the process?
  • What are the established best practices in contractor management?
  • What are the five crucial steps in the contractor prequalification lifecycle?


Joy Inouye, Research Associate, National Safety Council/Campbell Institute

Joy Inouye is the research associate for the Campbell Institute. She has worked on several research topics for the Campbell Institute, including EHS leading indicators, risk perception and contractor safety management. She is co-author of a recent journal article on leading indicators research and has co-presented on leading indicators at various conferences in the past year. The research on contractor safety has recently been featured in the BNA Occupational Safety and Health Reporter, the NIOSH Science Blog, and other online safety communities.

Pat Cunningham, MS, Director of Safety & Auditing Services, BROWZ

Pat Cunningham has a masters in occupational health and safety management and more than 25 years of experience in the field of safety. In addition to his appointment to the VPPPA Education Committee, Cunningham is a delegate to the National Safety Council. Prior to BROWZ, he worked for Xcel Energy as the director of corporate safety.

During that time, Cunningham was tasked with forming a contractor safety and qualification department for Xcel Energy. With this new department, he and Xcel Energy gained significant insight into the metrics of supply chain compliance to company protocols, and the need for in-house employee training, supplier training and internal compliance of company policy.


Kevin Druley, Associate Editor, Safety+Health magazine

Kevin Druley covers worker safety for Safety+Health.