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Enhance Human Performance by Mitigating Brain-Centered Hazards


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6/27/19 12:00 pm to 6/27/19 1:00 pm CDT

Event Description

For decades, safety leaders have been trying to reduce human error and unlock the mystery of why good employees make poor decisions. Many of the potential hazards and safety risks at work are housed in our brains.

These brain-centered hazards, as we call them, are exacerbated by the fact that critical organizational elements, including work environments, technological interfaces, operating procedures, training, work schedules, and even risk management and the leadership actions and messages that shape organizational culture, aren’t aligned with how the human brain actually works.

In this free webinar, we’ll look at how concepts such as human vision fatigue and cognitive fatigue affect safety and provide ways to address the work system rather than simply changing the worker. Among the many questions we’ll answer are:

  • When is fast brain processing or habit desirable in safety?
  • What are some examples of where a person might experience fast brain hazards?
  • When is habit most dangerous in safety?
  • What steps can companies take to address fast brain hazards?
  • What is information recall?

Join DEKRA OSR Senior Vice President Don Groover and DEKRA OSR principal consultant and Brain-Centric Reliability expert Rajni Walia for this hour-long webinar that will include a Q&A segment.


Rajni Walia, Ph.D., Principal Consultant , DEKRA OSR

Rajni Walia, Ph.D., is a principal consultant for DEKRA OSR. For more than a decade, Rajni has been leading performance management, organizational assessment and development, and human error reduction consultations with a focus on fostering strong performance reliability.

Don Groover, CIH (retired), CSP, Senior Vice President , DEKRA OSR

Don Groover, CIH (retired), CSP, is senior vice president of DEKRA OSR. With more than 30 years of experience, Don develops solutions that leverage the latest technology and advancements to improve safety performance in client organizations.


Barry Bottino, Associate Editor, Safety+Health magazine.

Barry Bottino covers worker safety for Safety+Health.



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