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Audits & Inspections Best Practices: How Knowing the Basics Can Boost Your Safety Program


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9/16/21 12:00 pm to 9/16/21 1:00 pm CDT

Event Description

Is your workplace safety program working as intended? Are your people as safe, healthy and productive as possible? The only way to find out is through a safety audit. But is an audit the same thing as an inspection? No, and confusing the two could get you in trouble.

In this webinar, we’ll define the two terms and explain how they’re different. We’ll then review audit and inspection best practices, including:

  • Frequency of audits and inspections
  • Safety committee meetings
  • Return on investment
  • Do-it-yourself vs. consultant-led


Shannon MagariMike Brenner, Team Supervisor (Northeast District), KPA

Mike is a team supervisor with KPA’s Northeast District. He holds an ASP certification from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Since joining KPA in 2014, Mike has helped clients from Maryland to New England with their regulatory and loss control programs. He has extensive experience performing safety and environmental audits, training managers and employees, and improving workplace safety culture. More recently, Mike has helped KPA and his clients modify the way they conduct business to adapt to the health and safety concerns caused by COVID-19.


Alan FergusonAlan Ferguson, Associate Editor, Safety+Health magazine

Alan covers worker safety for Safety+Health.



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