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How to install the National Safety Council safety tips widget on your intranet page

Safety tips

NSC is excited to offer the 2018 Safety Tips Widget, a safety resource available exclusively to our members. Use it to create a safety presence on your organization's intranet while you engage and educate your employees on issues affecting their safety and the safety of those around them.

As this is a member exclusive benefit, it is only available to members while their membership is in good standing. Each January the latest version will be released to all active members.

Instructions for embedding the tips widget in a sidebar on your site

Hand off these instructions to the people who maintain your intranet page. They will understand what to do. The installation process is a one-time operation. The Safety+Health magazine staff will take care of updates on our end, and your employees will see links to fresh tips every month without further effort on your part.

For the sidebar widget displayed on the right, paste the following code in the HTML source in the position on the page where you want the widget to appear:

This tips feed is rendered by Feedwind, a third-party service. The widget is designed to expand or contract to fit into most any sidebar. If your website maintainers would like to modify settings, they can refer to the Feedwind documentation, or contact membershipinfo@nsc.org, and we may be able to help.

Because we are a member of the National Safety Council, our employees get safety tips from Safety+Health magazine. Click on a headline to read the full tip.
Revised 4/4/2018 using v2 Feedwind with no ads