Family Safety & Health

People who are struggling need to feel they're not alone

Special edition on mental health and substance abuse

The events of 2020 have led to an increase in anxiety, depression, and use of drugs and alcohol. People who are struggling need to feel they’re not alone.

As an employer, you can help. This special digital edition of Family Safety & Health magazine focuses on mental health and substance use and recovery. By sharing it with your workers, you're telling them and their families you support them and care about their well-being.

They’ll find information on:

  • Symptoms of depression
  • Why sleep is important
  • Safe storage of medications
  • Finding support during financial uncertainty
  • Why “words matter” to people in recovery
  • How to ask for help at work
  • Seeking out and using telehealth services
  • Success stories of people in recovery

And much more. Show your workers you want them to live happy, healthy lives – and that we’re all in this together.

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