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Half-mask respirator

The LPR-100 Half-Mask Respirator features a low-profile design that fits comfortably under welding helmets and maximizes a worker’s field of vision.
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Powered air-purifying respirator

This Powered Air-Purifying Respirator with a Titanium 9400i Welding Helmet, designed for welding and grinding applications, is more than 1 pound lighter than the leading brand, reducing fatigue and providing all-day comfort.
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Miller-Electric NP Dec 13

Fume-extraction system

The FILTAIR Capture 5 fume-extraction system is designed to capture welding fumes up to 5 feet away from the source – more than 3 times farther than conventional technologies.
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Miller -- PF Oct 2013

Welding helmet with flip-up panel

Classic VSi is a variable shade (shades 8-13) auto-darkening welding helmet with a flip-up panel that exposes a clear grinding shield that provides 180 degrees of vision.
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