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The Nightstick XPP-5422GM Intrinsically Safe Dual-Light Flashlight features dual magnets – one at its base and one on its clip.
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Explosion-proof string lights

The EPL-SL-8X75-12V-TXF Explosion-Proof String Light set contains a total of eight work lights that come equipped with aluminum hooks and connected in series along 80 feet of 16/3 SOOW explosion-proof cord.
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LED headlight

Equipped with a super-bright LED, the ProGear 2780 LED Headlight provides light of different intensities (53 lumens in low mode, 203 lumens in medium mode and 430 lumens in high mode).
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LED light fixture

The GAU-HB-400W-LED-SS fixture produces 52,000 lumens of high-intensity light while drawing 400 watts from a 120-volt electrical system.
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Spot-flood light bars

Four new LED combination spot-flood lights are available in four different lengths, including 12½ inches, 19¾ inches, 27¾ inches and 34¾ inches.
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Area lighting

Pelican 9480 (left) and 9490 (right) Remote Area Lighting Systems are self-contained with a quick-release rechargeable and swappable power supply.
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Alkaline-battery powered light

The 2AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO alkaline-battery powered light features bright C4 LED technology and is suitable for use in Division 1 hazardous locations.
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LED headlamp

The Double Clutch USB is a compact, low-profile LED headlamp that is USB rechargeable, with optional battery back-up.
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LED linear luminaire

Featuring Class I, Division 2 and Class II certifications, the Low-Profile LED Linear Luminaire is ideal for hazardous applications such as onshore and offshore drilling rigs; platforms; and other oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical facilities.
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