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Getting it right

Falls are a common cause of serious work-related injuries and deaths. Employers whose workers are exposed to fall hazards are responsible for ensuring not only that those workers have appropriate fall protection, but also that they’re trained on how to use it. Here, fall protection industry insiders describe what’s new in the field and why it’s important to remember that fall protection can be more intricate than meets the eye.

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Custom perimeter safety rail

Assembling a custom perimeter safety rail is easy with RailGuard Fit-Rite Rail. Use this system on roofs, mezzanines and loading docks, or for in-plant machine guarding. Assemble the rail on-site to fit your application by simply ordering the lineal feet of rail and base type.
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Leading edge self-retracting lanyard

The Latchways Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lanyard is designed for horizontal and vertical use, providing advanced fall protection for leading-edge applications, including roofing, wooden beams and construction.
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Single man baskets

Single Man Baskets have the ability to attach to any knuckle boom truck that meets ASME standard B30.23. Thanks to specialized adapters, the baskets install easily and quickly to extend the capabilities of knuckle boom trucks.
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Fall arrest platforms

These fall arrest platforms keep operators safe and mobile when work requires them to exit a mobile elevating work platform.
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Personal fall limiters

Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters are now more versatile with the introduction of the TurboLite Edge Series.
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