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Load pusher

Power Pusher has expanded the capabilities of its durable Super Power Pusher with a dual-motor model that can move up to 250,000 pounds for enhanced productivity that simultaneously reduces safety risks.
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Mr. Chain’s X-Treme Stanchion weighs 25 pounds with the water bladder in the base filled, preventing it from being inadvertently bumped and tipped over.
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Safety signs’s selection of official ANSI/OSHA-compliant plant and warehouse signs alert staff to potential hazards as well as the need for personal protective equipment, among other safety concerns.
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eSafe is an innovative and patented safety coupling that offers the highest flow combined with a low-pressure drop.
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Lockout device

The Blind Flange Lockout Device is a best-in-class solution that offers a secure, highly adaptable and cost-effective option for protecting employees from hazardous energy.
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Multicolor sign and label printer

The BBP 37 Cut and Color Multicolor Sign and Label Printer features multiple print colors, text- and shape-cutting capabilities, and fast print speeds to give users the power to make signs and labels that make an impact – right at their own facility.
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Manhole guard system

The XTIRPA Manhole Guard System for confined space entry allows for vertical or horizontal entry into many common confined space applications, including tanks, vessels, transformers, sewers and manholes.
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Perimeter safety cell

The Guarding Defender Cell restricts access and provides point-of-operation guarding around potentially dangerous automated and automatic processes, including stretch-wrap machine operations.
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Safety gate

The Levelizer E3 Safety Gate is a “gate that can never be left open,” and requires no space on the work platform or mezzanine.
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