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On Safety: OSHA’s NEP on outdoor, indoor heat hazards

On April 8, OSHA launched its long-awaited National Emphasis Program on outdoor and indoor heat hazards. A compliance directive (OSHA Instruction CPL 03-00-0240) describes agency policies and procedures related to the NEP. The program targets specific industries that OSHA considers to have the highest exposure potential to heat-related hazards and resulting illnesses and deaths.
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On Safety: OSHA’s current regulatory agenda

The unified agenda is intended to let the “regulated community” know what the different agencies are working on, or planning to work on, over the next six months. It’s an interesting document. Some administrations put everything they can think of on it – whether they’re actually working on it or not. Others keep it simple by listing only what they’re actually intending to work on. My preference has always been the latter.
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