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OSHA 101: What Every Business Should Know

Download this in-depth white paper that details OSHA requirements and jurisdiction to find out what is and isn’t covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, reporting and recording needs, OSHA inspections, and more.
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J. J. Keller white paper active shooter

Active Shooter/Active Threat: Are You Prepared?

Featuring actionable tips and insights from our experts, this white paper will help you take a proactive approach to handling an active shooter emergency, such as conducting a threat assessment, creating an emergency action plan, training employees and more.
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Free White Paper: The 5 Universal Wastes

Are You Safely Managing Universal Waste?

Written by J. J. Keller’s safety experts, this guide is filled with invaluable information and tips for safe handling, so environmental, health and safety teams understand how to best protect employees and the environment.
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White paper: Hazcom

OSHA Inspections: Are You Prepared?

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Read this free white paper from J. J. Keller to learn what to expect and how to handle an inspection with confidence. It covers everything from examining records and interviewing employees to a complete facility walkthrough, the citation process and more.
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