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Outdoor work boot

The Mt. Vernon Work Boot is outdoor-inspired and available in both 6- and 8-inch silhouettes.
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Western work boot

Tony Lama’s TLX Western Work Collection features XT2 anti-odor technology. Real silver is woven into the removable insole inserts of the boots for proven, powerful odor protection that keeps wearers’ feet cool and dry.
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Work boot collection

The Lehigh QuickFit Collection features the LEHI009 Work Boot for heavy industrial, and the LEHI015 Work Boot – ideal for general use.
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Metatarsal guard boot

The Footrests High-Energy Super-Guard X Metatarsal Guard Boot features a waterproof full-grain leather upper with a high-abrasion-resistant heel, high-visibility trim and a molded TPU toe guard for extra protection.
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Safety overshoe

The Millenium Full Protect is an ASTM-certified safety overshoe that features a safety toe cap, penetration-resistant midsole and slip-resistant sole.
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Boot and glove dryer

Rain and sweat can leave work boots and gloves soaked with moisture. This not only makes them cold and uncomfortable to wear, it also creates a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and molds.
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Traction aid

The Due North HTA-Heel Traction Aid is quick and easy to put on and offers injury protection to drivers, delivery personnel or anyone operating machinery when use of a conventional, full-coverage traction aid may interfere with driving capabilities.
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Pallet jack safety guard

On most manual pallet jacks, the back wheels are exposed, presenting a danger to the feet of operators or bystanders.
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