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Creating a safe driving program for workers

Every year, motor vehicle crashes cost employers $60 billion in medical care, legal expenses, property damage and lost productivity, according to a white paper from OSHA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety.
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icy road

Black ice: A hazard for drivers

Black ice – which can be almost invisible – forms when the air temperature is warmer than pavement, which causes moisture to rapidly freeze and create a thin, transparent layer of ice on the roadway.
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ATA vice chairman calls for shift in law enforcement focus

Louisville, KY – Traffic law enforcement agencies should shift their priorities away from roadside inspections and instead focus on drivers’ unsafe behaviors – the cause of about 9 out of 10 crashes – according to an American Trucking Associations representative.
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Drowsy driving

Studies from the Washington-based National Sleep Foundation indicate that about one-quarter of shiftworkers have had a traffic accident or close call in the past year.
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