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EPA reverses course, determines TSCA chemical presents ‘unreasonable risk’

Washington — In a reversal of preliminary findings that the chemical substance Pigment Violet 29 poses no unreasonable risk of injury to humans or the environment, the Environmental Protection Agency is seeking public comment on a revised draft risk evaluation that states the chemical substance presents unreasonable risk to workers under certain conditions, according to a notice published in the Oct. 30 Federal Register.
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EPA publishes final risk evaluation for methylene chloride

Washington — Methylene chloride poses “unreasonable risk” to workers under certain conditions, according to a final risk evaluation recently released by the Environmental Protection Agency, which now is compelled to propose within one year regulatory action to mitigate the chemical’s hazards.
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Stay cautious when working with mercury

Metallic mercury is a liquid at room temperature and can readily evaporate into the air. It’s also a potent neurotoxin that, in small amounts, can cause serious health problems, according to the California Department of Public Health.
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