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Welding helmet

The SparxLift Welding Helmet is designed for use with the EVA Powered Air-Purifying Respirator.
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Hard hat customization app

“Build Your Own Hat” is a web-based application that enables customers and distributors to fully customize Fibre-Metal and North brand hard hats and safety caps.
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Sun hat

The Quick Shade Deluxe Floppy sun hat features built-in relaxed fabric and an adjustable SunThing scarf that can be pulled down and worn as a highly breathable neckshade (double layered for UPF 50), neck-up or facemask (both single layer for UPF 25).
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Protective cap

V-Gard Protective Caps feature polyethylene shells and self-adjusting crown straps to provide comfortable, lightweight protection.
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Safety light

The Halo Light, designed specifically for a hard hat, lights an entire task area without adjustment and illuminates a worker in all directions.
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Bump cap

For applications that do not require a hard hat but still have overhead hazards, the Skullerz 8950 Bump Cap features a removable impact-resistant ABS plastic shell, thermo-formed foam cushioning and unique flanged shell design for a comfortable fit and air flow.
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Auto-darkening welding helmet

The lightweight VIKING 1740 Series Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet offers a variety of features designed to reduce the cost of ownership while providing protection.
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Welding helmet

The Jackson Safety W-70 BH3 Auto-Darkening Filter welding helmet with Balder technology offers the highest standards of optical clarity that can be achieved when using an ADF.
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Trends in ... head and face protection

‘A sense of shared accountability’
Head and face protection cover critical areas of the body. To ensure workers wear personal protective equipment, the products should be comfortable, functional and able to be worn throughout the day, according to Aubrey Collier, product manager, industrial head and face protection, for Cynthiana, KY-based Bullard.
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