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Watch your step

Work-related falls can result in severe injuries and death. According to the National Safety Council, falls to a lower level were the second leading cause of workplace fatalities in 2009, behind highway crashes.
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Designing safety

Prevention through Design is gaining traction, but widespread implementation may still be years away
NIOSH and other safety experts tout the benefits of Prevention through Design, a method used to integrate safety into every aspect of a process, product or facility during the design stage. So why hasn’t it become a common practice?
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Overhead work

Certain job tasks on a construction site, such as drilling, driving fasteners or finishing drywall, may require workers to raise one or both of their arms above their shoulders.
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Lead exposure in construction

Lead is commonly used at many construction sites, particularly in demolition, salvage, removal, encapsulating, renovation and cleanup. The hazardous substance can pose a risk to workers if they are not properly protected.
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Piling on safety

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health provides regulations to protect the safety of workers engaged in pile driving.
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