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Lightweight hard hat

Built with a lightweight, flexible, airy, four-point suspension, Skullerz Hard Hats provide improved balance, ventilation and fit for all-day comfort.
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Head protection

Pyramex Safety Ridgeline head protection comes in three styles and a variety of finishes and colors, including high-visibility options and vented versions, and is available with four- and six-point ratchet suspensions for easy adjusting.
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Trends in ... head and face protection

A construction worker is on the ground floor of a house being built, hanging drywall. Above him, another worker pounds away on the roof. Without warning, the at-height worker unintentionally drops a tool he was using, which hits the ground-floor worker in the head on its way down.
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At-height helmet

The VERTEX BEST helmet for workers at height features a strong chinstrap and an unventilated shell that protects against electrical hazards and molten metal splash.
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Bump cap

The lightweight Bullard Bump Cap is designed to provide all-day comfort, durability and protection against minor bumps, bruises and lacerations.
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