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Translucent hard hat

The Peak View Translucent Hard Hat is an improved modern design on the traditional hard shell protective helmet and allows wearers maximum peripheral vision.
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Hard hats: Know the facts

A construction worker removes his hard hat because he is too warm. An engineer refuses to wear head protection, as she has “never been hurt before.” A utility worker thinks hard hats make him look silly and removes his every chance he gets.
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Welding helmets

Digital Infinity Series Welding Helmets feature a 13.4-square-inch viewing area – the largest viewing area in the industry.
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Trends in ... head/face protection

Keeping workers safe and comfortable
Head and face injuries can be as minor as a scratch on the cheek or a small bump on the head, or as devastating as a traumatic brain injury. No matter the severity, any head injury is one too many.
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Bump cap

Fashioned as a baseball cap, the JSP HardCap A1+ liner provides front-to-back and side-to-side coverage to help protect against incidental bumps and scrapes.
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Hard hat

The Americana Hard Hat features a four-point woven nylon suspension, functional rain trough, accessory slots to accommodate a wide range of PPE accessories and the option to attach a chin strap.
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Head protection

Built with injection-molded fiberglass, the Roughneck P1A from Fibre-Metal offers heavy-duty head protection featuring our patented SuperEight suspension and a full-brim design for added protection and comfort.
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Bump cap

For work zones that do not require a hard hat but still have overhead hazards, Skullerz Bump Caps (available in micro, short and long-brim styles) provide head protection from worker-generated bumps, bruises and cuts without the additional height and bulk of a traditional hard hat.
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Arc flash kit

The CU-ARC-5 Arc Flash Kit features a center weight positioning visor bracket that balances and distributes the weight of the shield evenly for extreme thermal energy conditions.
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