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Hearing protection/communication system

Adapted from combat-proven technology, the QUIETPRO intelligent hearing protection and communication system provides smart personal hearing protection, digitally enhanced speech communication and clear radio communication.
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Dual-muff headset

The HBB-EM Series professional grade dual-muff headset, designed for high-noise environments, has a noise protection certification rating of 24 dB.
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Radio earmuff

The Sync Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio Earmuff’s eye-catching bright green earcups provide a noticeable contrast against dark settings, especially in low-lighting situations and inclement weather.
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Standard earmuff

The Tonedown 200 Standard EarMuff has adjustable earcups and a comfortable tension band.
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Reusable earplug

The Quattro reusable earplug has a soft feel, improved design and a noise reduction rating of 27.
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The Sound Control SH is a compatible earmuff that fits snugly in the accessory slots on the V-Gard Protective Hard Hat.
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Choosing the correct hearing protection

Work-related hearing loss is the second most self-reported occupational illness or injury, according to NIOSH. An estimated 30 million workers are exposed to hazardous noise on the job, with the most at-risk industries being agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing and utilities, transportation, and military.
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