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Barriers to injury reporting in construction

This week I’m continuing the conversation about reasons why workers hold back from reporting injuries. Much like the Canadian study on young workers I wrote about last week, a new study from the AFL-CIO-affiliated Center for Construction Research and Training concludes that fear of losing work may cause construction workers not to report injuries.
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Construction -- Aug 2013

What keeps construction workers from reporting injuries?

Silver Spring, MD – Fear of negative consequences such as losing work, becoming ineligible for incentives or being labeled a “complainer” may keep construction workers from reporting injuries, according to a new study from the AFL-CIO-affiliated Center for Construction Research and Training.
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House Dems reintroduce updates to OSH Act

Washington – Calling it “vital to improving the health and safety of American workers,” House Democrats on April 18 reintroduced legislation to update the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
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Alone but not alienated

Promoting safety among lone workers
Monitoring and managing the safe behavior of a workforce can be a difficult task, even in an enclosed environment. Although the term “lone worker” also covers those performing individual jobs on a worksite – such as a job task in an area of the plant that cannot be easily viewed by co-workers, or even a receptionist in a large office building – the needs of remote workers who cannot be supervised through conventional means present perhaps the greatest challenge.
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