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Employee-worn monitoring device

Designed for personnel working in paint booths and on-the-ground manufacturing repair and operations, the G7c is a combined safety monitoring and communications device that continuously monitors the concentration of hazardous gases or fumes, and communicates the employee’s identity and location to a live monitoring team in real time.
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Wall-mount particle/mass monitor

The PC-5000 Series Wall-Mount Particle/Mass Monitor is a branded six-channel particulate meter that optionally incorporates sensors for additional environmental parameters such as total volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity.
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Flame detector

FLAMEVision FV-40 Flame Detectors are a comprehensive line of rugged flame detection solutions designed to respond quickly and accurately in a wide range of challenging applications and harsh environments.
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Trends in ... instruments and monitors

Experts discuss what’s new; avoiding misuse
Whether detecting gas levels, gas leaks or noise levels – or alerting other workers about a possible man-down situation – instruments and monitors are vital safety devices for workers in a number of industries, including construction, manufacturing and utilities. Here, industry insiders describe what’s new in this field and what workers and supervisors need to know about these devices.
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