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Gas detector

The Senscient ELDS Laser-Based Open Path Gas Detector can detect a wide range of flammable (methane, ethylene, sour gas) or toxic (ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide) gases for a broad range of industrial, oil and gas production, and petrochemical processing applications.
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Mercury vapor analyzer

The lightweight and durable Jerome J505 Mercury Vapor Analyzer is a handheld atomic fluorescence spectroscopy mercury analyzer that can detect as little as 0.05 µg/m³ of mercury vapor.
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Multi-threat monitor

The AreaRAE Plus Multi-Threat Monitor now offers more sensor choices, meteorological monitoring and GPS-enabled location identification of hazards to help connected workers and managers make faster, more informed safety decisions.
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Lightning detector

Ideal for outdoor workers, the INO Weather Pro is a handheld weather monitor that detects the distance of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes as far away as 40 miles, providing visual and auditory feedback of lightning strike distances.
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