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CSB case study

CSB report renews call for a combustible dust standard

Charleston, WV – A number of combustible dust-related incidents, injuries and deaths over the past decade might have been prevented had OSHA promulgated a standard covering the hazard, according to a Chemical Safety Board report released July 16.
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Personal protective equipment

How will recent revisions of certain OSHA rules affect my existing PPE program?
The personal protective equipment program requirements previously based on 1910.269, as well as those contained in the previous 1910 Subpart I, Personal Protective Equipment, are still valid. However, the April 1, 2014, final rule revisions of OSHA 1910.136, 1910.137, 1910.269 and 1926 Subpart V, as well as the new 1926.97, include requirements that must be incorporated into PPE programs.
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Chemical facility safety – updated

A new report outlines the steps OSHA intends to take in the near future
OSHA plans to move forward on an update of its Process Safety Management Standard (1910.119) and pursue other potential rule changes within the next year – all part of an interagency federal effort to improve safety and security at chemical facilities, the agency stated in a June 6 report to President Barack Obama.
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