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Boeing Campbell Award

‘Safety first, all the time’

The Boeing Co. is the 2018 recipient of the Robert W. Campbell Award
By maintaining a strong safety record while remaining at the forefront of the aviation and aerospace industries, Boeing has been named the 2018 recipient of the Robert W. Campbell Award, presented annually to an organization that successfully integrates EHS management with business operations.
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talking safety

Speaking of safety

Changing the atmosphere around safety conversations
Why does safety advice – whether offered by a safety pro or discussed between co-workers on the front line – often fall on deaf ears? Four experts spoke with Safety+Health about “changing the atmosphere” around safety conversations.
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CPWR pg3

Construction safety group updates jobsite safety climate workbook

Silver Spring, MD – Noting that partnerships between construction management and employees “are most effective when they exist within a positive safety climate,” the Center for Construction Research and Training, also known as CPWR, has updated its workbook, "Strengthening Jobsite Safety Climate by Using and Improving Leading Indicators."
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Defining ‘world-class’ safety

What does the phrase mean, and how can organizations achieve world-class status?

“World-class safety” is a frequently heard phrase, but what does it really mean to have a world-class safety program? As Safety+Health found out, the answers are complex.

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hr safety

HR and the safety department

Collaboration between the departments is vital to a strong safety culture, experts say
Human resources and safety professionals have similar objectives: ensure effective work processes while complying with the law. Although the departments don’t necessarily need to work together to achieve their goals, experts say that failure to do so may come at a cost.
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