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Working with nanotechnology

Data on health effects is limited
The use of nanomaterials in manufacturing has exploded in this century. As research into safe exposure limits continues, how are employers handling their responsibility to protect employees who work with these valuable but potentially hazardous materials?
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Hierarchy of controls

The Hierarchy of Controls

Strategy for safety singles out hazards before work starts
The Hierarchy of Controls helps safety professionals identify and mitigate exposures to on-the-job hazards. “You can’t eliminate every hazard, but the closer you can get to the top, the closer you can reach that ideal and make people healthier and safer,” one expert says.
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Avoiding lead exposure at work

Lead is a toxic, naturally occurring heavy metal. Although used less often than in the past, it can be found in a variety of industries, including construction, mining and manufacturing.

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Cleaning chemicals: Know the risks

Breathing problems. Itchy skin, rashes and burns. Irritated eyes. For some workers, including maintenance workers, janitors and housekeepers, these symptoms may have a common factor: cleaning products.
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