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On the Safe Side podcast Episode 37: Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

In Episode 37, the S+H team celebrates the third anniversary of the podcast by diving into the March issue’s feature story on the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. Additionally, Reginald Jackson, a safety and health specialist in OSHA’s Office of General Industry and Agricultural Enforcement, discusses loading dock safety in an expanded “5 Questions With …” interview.
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Training Checklist

Is your training program encouraging a strong safety culture? Establishing a thoughtful training strategy helps your organization reduce costs, generate revenue and mitigate risks.
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What to Expect from OSHA in FY 2023

3/30/23 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm CDT

In this webinar, learn about what’s new from OSHA and what to expect this year, how to address specific initiatives, from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases to heat exposure and electronic recordkeeping, new approaches to enforcement and disciplinary actions, tips for “impressing” OSHA regulators during inspections and more. Register now.

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