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September 2022 Safety+Health

September 2022

Volume: 206
Edition: 3

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Rising Stars of Safety, Class of 2022

The National Safety Council presents the Rising Stars of Safety, Class of 2022 – a group of young safety professionals with a proven track record of safety leadership in their organization and are dedicated to continuous improvement.
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Editor’s Note: Go teams

For many years, I was a member of the team at NSC headquarters. We took part in unannounced drills. We also responded to many real emergencies, and I heard a number of times from colleagues that having a trained team onsite made them feel safer.
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This month's Product Focus: Facility safety and Women's PPE
Citation Solutions: Visit the websites of advertisers offering solutions to help you avoid OSHA's Top 10 most cited violations.
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Events that shaped the history of safety

Events that Shaped the History of Safety

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Learn from some of the worst workplace disasters so you don’t repeat history’s most devastating losses. Avetta's new white paper breaks down each incident by the backdrop, incident facts and the lessons that can be learned.
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The 5 Universal Wastes

Free White Paper: The 5 Universal Wastes

Most businesses must deal with some universal waste in the workplace. Download this free white paper from J. J. Keller to learn how to properly manage the five types of federal universal waste streams: batteries, lamps, pesticides, mercury-containing equipment and non-empty aerosol cans.
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OSHA Safety Training Basics: What You Need to Know

OSHA Safety Training Basics: What You Need to Know

This free white paper contains useful tips and insights from J. J. Keller experts to help you understand the training requirements that apply to your organization. It covers important topics such as OSHA expectations, refresher training, recordkeeping and more.
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On the Safe Side

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Each month, the Safety+Health editorial team publishes a podcast to discuss important safety topics, and interviews leading voices in the profession.

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